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Finding Passionate Care is the Key to Success!

luvo helps connect teachers, companions, and highly qualified caregivers to families based upon shared interests, hobbies, and passions.We empower families to find care that they connect with by their passions, which leads to greater emotional, physical and spiritual health!Our mission is to make the Golden Years of life as fulfilling as possible. We have many success stories of people learning new hobbies from teachers even if they are octogenarians or, just, finding care that enjoys their hobbies like they do!

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Aubrey B

Aubrey found a caregiver who loves to play Backgammon with him!

Gloria M

Gloria found a family who loves Gardening as much as her.

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Learning New Hobbies isn't just for the Young Anymore!

Pursuing passions also can play a big part in maintaining good health as we age.Because of this, we want to help older adults find teachers who can teach them new hobbies or improve on ones they have always loved!Studies have shown that pursuing our passions does wonders for the health of our brains.Pursuing hobbies that we enjoy and that we’re good at can be a buffer against memory loss and can lead to improved neuroplasticity, our brain’s ability to form new connections.Pursuing passions also can help improve sleep quality, lower blood pressure, and lower our risks of heart disease, stress, anxiety and depression.


The Caregiving App Designed to be Deleted!

luvo is an app that helps you find not just great care, but also a best friend!We stand by our apps ability to find you the perfect care or teacher for your family, so much that we know you will delete it soon. So join and delete once you find that perfect teacher or unique long-term care that will be like another family member!Whether you are looking for elder care or the perfect teacher to teach your Nana how to play poker with you, luvo will deliver great matches for your entire families' unique personalities.

Care that is Fun!

Our Story

Our founder's grandparents all had in-home care for many years. Growing up around caregivers, he noticed the difference in quality of living his grandparents had when they had a caregiver they connected with it: It was astounding!He eventually became a caregiver and instituted his theory by pursing the passions of his clients and the agency was always amazed with the how fast his clients mental, physical, and spiritual health increased in such a short time.Now it is his time to give back to more people, so he created luvo to give everyone the opportunity to find amazing care like his grandparents were blessed with!

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